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25 years of experience in the Sahel

Who are we?

IRRIGASC is a social enterprise for sustainable agricultural development.

We are specialists in the survival of fruit trees in semi-arid Sahelian zones since 1992.

Our vision

The adventure began in 1992  with a crazy dream: to fight against desertification. Science quickly showed that it was necessary  plant trees to protect soils from the erosion they face in the Sahelian climate.  

So planting trees ... yes, but how can we explain the failure of many reforestation projects in the Sahelian strip?  

Very quickly, it appeared essential to fully include the local population in reforestation projects to preserve the trees. How? 'Or' What?

By giving each tree a lasting economic value for the people who care for them. It is for this reason that our programs are above all rural development programs.

Our vision is to put people back at the heart of reforestation:

Make trees live to support families.


We make trees live by empowering local families through training, technical support and help to optimize the income they earn from their trees.

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